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How to Improve Your Coffee Habit Healthy


A close-up of a freshly brewed coffee beans, a cup of coffee with a plant based milk and a spoon of honey, a notebook with a title "How to Improve Your Coffee Habit Healthy" and a pen writing on it, with text overlay "Take control of your coffee intake and make it a healthier habit

Although Coffee has been proven to have health benefits, the way you prepare it and what you drink with it matters.

Don’t limit yourself to Coffee only to start your day.

While drinking Coffee is healthy, Adina Pearson is a Registered Dietitian who says that since Coffee can reduce appetite and act as a stimulant, it substitutes meals. “Coffee’s stimulant properties can mask the fact that you’re not eating enough; however, it’s just temporary. Self-care is about eating enough, not just feeling a buzz from caffeine.” here are some ways to improve your coffee drinking habits.

Try sparkling Coffee for hydration.

Are you looking for a substitute for that diet drink? Consider sparkling Coffee. The newest version of Coffee is to mix cold brew and natural ingredients such as Meyer lemon juice and raw cane sugar. What are the health advantages of flavors such as ginger and hibiscus? They’re promoted as healthy energy drinks with formulas that include antioxidants, electrolytes, antioxidants, and less caffeine than regular Coffee. These are a few surprising things you can add to your cup of Coffee.

Give a bulletproof shot.

Bulletproof Coffee is thought to be a “healthier” alternative to Coffee due to coconut oil and butter that is a source of medium-chain fats, which have been found in studies to impact blood lipids, such as lowering HDLs and triglycerides. Coffee will give you a “bite” to keep you going until lunch, and you’ll also get all the extra nutrients, especially if you choose grass-fed butter.

Determine if you genuinely enjoy Coffee.

Can you recall the very foremost time that you enjoyed an espresso? It may have been the first time you fell in love, or perhaps you took it in and sucked it up. In any case, make sure that you enjoy Coffee and not try to use it as a cure to treat poor sleep habits. “Coffee can be a jolt, but focusing on an optimal sleep routine will give you a better life than caffeine. If you’re drinking Coffee not to get sleepy, your body and mind get tired, and you’ll never be performing at the highest level physically or mentally,” she explains. “Chronic insufficient sleep can trigger stress hormones and can cause numerous health issues.”
However, if you’re having a good night’s sleep, you won’t feel like you’re sleepy.

Finish it off with cinnamon

If Starbucks is your preferred coffee shop and you’ve been there, you’ve likely noticed the cinnamon on the milk counter when you stop by to top off your Coffee. Next time, make use of it to boost your body. Swinney states that cinnamon could improve the taste of your beverage for you due to its antioxidant properties and other advantages. “Cinnamon has been proven to reduce blood sugar levels in numerous studies. The addition of spices can provide antioxidants and sweetness that aren’t calorie-based and can help cut down on the sugar you add to your Coffee.

Only use water that has been filtered.

Since boiling water is used to make Coffee, you may think that we don’t need to think about whether the water is filtered. However, Swinney states that filtered water is the best choice for taste and your health. Filtered water will ensure no unwanted heavy metals, such as copper, are present. Tap water is also a source of chlorine disinfection byproducts that can be harmful over the long term. It would be best if you also stayed clear of using well water unless it’s examined against contaminants.

Make your lattes at your home, not at Starbucks.

If you’ve ever ordered the latte at Starbucks, You’ve probably seen the barista wipe off the steamer before making a fresh cup. The idea behind this is to combat the spread of bacteria. However, you could have something in the drink that you would not want. “What you’re not aware of is the fact that this sanitizing agent gets absorbed by your milk froth! It’s not a lot however, there’s just a tiny amount on the tool for each carafe that is frothed. Therefore, skipping Coffee is a sensible option in case you are concerned about that,” Immer says. Make your Coffee at home so that you can be sure you’re getting what you had bargained for.

Get rid of your Keurig.

Apart from being harmful to our environment Immer claims that Keurig Coffee Makers are also a potential source of health hazards. You not only expose yourself to plastics that have been heated but Keurigs are also known to be dirty. “The water tanks inside the Keurig cannot be cleaned and flushed. We’re concerned about the possibility of the growth of bacteria and mold within the tank over the years, just as commercial ice machines,” Immer says.

Always utilize paper filters.

As per Jill Weisenberger, MS, RDN, CDE, one of the simplest methods to ensure that your Coffee is prepared safely is to look at the filtering method you’re using. These reusable filters can seem tempting but using paper filters is an added benefit to your diet. “Filtering coffee using paper eliminates two substances, cafestol as well as Kahweol, which raise the total cholesterol as well as LDL cholesterol,” the expert explains.

Consider your conscience.

When you’re drinking Coffee, think about more than the cup. “Drink with a conscience. Select fair trade coffee or other certifications to help the farmers of third world countries improve their lives. Consider the packaging that comes with single-serve Coffee. It has more packaging and leaves greater carbon footprints when it is delivered to your store.”

Do not drink the syrups and opt for organic.

It’s possible to think that a sugar-free, nonfat vanilla syrup can be a healthier option, but it does not always translate into positive health effects. Swinney suggests you cut off sweeteners entirely if you can; however, if you aren’t able to, be highly selective about the additives you’re using in your Coffee. “Pick organic cream to drink your Coffee, or create your packaging-free alternative milk with oats or nuts. Creamers are often flavored with synthetic flavors, sugars, and other ingredients, so you’re better off choosing the natural cream or milk and the organic brown sugar,” the expert says.


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