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Why Preserved Lemons Belong on Your Shelf


An image of a jar of preserved lemons with text overlay "Why Preserved Lemons Belong on Your Shelf: Discover the versatility and flavor of this must-have ingredient in your kitchen

Preserved Lemons is a lemon pickle, and it is one of the most delicious and best appetizers known all over the world, especially in the countries of the Maghreb. Crushed almonds, colored peppers, grated carrots, finely chopped tomatoes, etc. The method of preparing it varies from country to another, depending on the ingredients that are used.

How to make Preserved Lemons

For Preserved Lemons juice, there are several methods that can be used, and all of them will get you the same method. First, we take the lemon kernels, of course, after cleaning them well, we divide them into four pieces and then put them in a glass or plastic container that is tightly closed so that the air does not leak out and spoil the acid for us. After we fill the bowl with sufficient amount of acid, add salt to it according to the number of grains of acid used, as I said, 4 tablespoons of salt for every 5 grains of acid, and then pour over all the table oil and close the bowl and then stir it well until all the ingredients are in harmony. The oil secretes a thick sap that helps to saute it and also prevents it from spoiling.

How to make Preserved lemon from lemon peel

This method is distinguished because it is cheap and the woman benefits from the lemons that she used to throw away daily, by keeping the peeled lemon peels instead of throwing them in the freezer in the refrigerator, and when a large amount of lemon peels accumulate, they can be taken out of the freezer and placed in a jar with hot peppers. For each cup of water that is placed inside the jar with lemon and pepper, a tablespoon of salt will be placed, and then close the jar well so that it is not exposed to the air, and wait for two weeks while placing it in a cool place away from sunlight, so that the most delicious lemon and pickled pepper will be prepared from Very simple ingredients.

Preserved Lemons benefits

The benefits of Preserved Lemons for the digestive system

Preserved Lemons has many benefits for the body and health. Preserved Lemons contains probiotics, the same substance found in yogurt, that works to increase the beneficial bacteria in the intestines, and feed the beneficial bacteria that exist from the beginning. And nutritious minerals from food, reducing digestive problems, indigestion, gas, stomach pain, acidity, bloating and nausea, and pickled lemons are more beneficial to the digestive system than raw.

fight disease

Important vitamins Preserved Lemons go through what is known as the process of fermentation or pickling, which is a very important process that helps provide the body with the necessary health and strength. The fermentation process increases the nutritional value of lemon and provides many vitamins and nutrients to the body, the most important of which is vitamin C. It is known that in the old days, sailors were suffering from vitamin C deficiency disease because food spoiled during the long expeditions they were spending in the seas, and they were dying because of this deficiency, But after using the method of fermentation or pickling of foods that contain vitamin C, such as lemons and pickled carrots, they were able to eliminate disease and travel for a long time in the seas without fatigue, as well as magnesium and iron, which enhances the body’s immunity and fights diseases.

Elimination of bacteria

Preserved Lemons contain lactic acid or lactic acid, which is a strong acid known for its power to eliminate harmful bacteria in the body. It is also sometimes used in creams to get rid of acne because it eliminates bacteria, germs and microbes. Pickles are safer than raw vegetables, they may be safer and cleaner to eat than raw vegetables, of course if they are prepared at home and follow hygiene procedures and use clean containers for preservation, because raw vegetables contain coliform bacteria which are harmful bacteria, but the fermentation process and the amount of salt used To prepare Preserved Lemons , they work to preserve the lemon and eliminate bacteria.

Cancer prevention

Preserved Lemons contains antioxidants, and these compounds prevent various cancers, such as breast, colon, prostate and others, because these compounds work to expel toxins from the body, and these toxins are what nourish the cells that grow in an extreme and make them grow in size and increase the tumor.


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